Professional Services

E. Denise/Pretty & Petty  Initial Performance Fees: include recommending, locating, and coordinating shipping of garments. Returns and Exchanges excluded. (Pre-Order Items Only)

Discounts does not apply to Personal Styling Services & Pre-Orders.

$15 initial fee to perform service

Invoice must be paid within 1/2  hour

E. Denise/Pretty & Petty offers Style Session & Revamp Services

E. Denise/Pretty & Petty Style session: consist of get to know your own personal style, how to dress for your body type and learning how to feel confident during this process. We will go through your current wardrobe & go over what needs to be established to create a perfect at home fashionista closet.

E. Denise/Pretty & Petty Revamp: will consist of revising every piece in your closet and determine what stays and what goes. A this time we use the Pretty & Petty Checklist so we can stay on the same page  to determine what pieces are missing from your wardrobe. This will also determine what garments that will be your everyday and nightly choices. Included in the Pretty & Petty styling session you will learn how to coordinate outfits to provide you with endless options.

Consultation Fee: Free

1st Session: $85, $45 there after

Please feel free to contact Pretty & Petty if you have any questions or concerns at Please allow 24-48 for a response.